Private nutrition labeling solutions

Have you decided to sell your own brand of nutritional supplements and don’t know how to do it?

Expand your range with PharmaLabs much faster – save you time, money and energy.

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Tablets production

Tablets production

A tablet is one of the ways to deliver the active ingredient to our body. It is an effective way in which the nutritional supplement is combined with excipients …

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Capsules production

Capsules allow the use of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, plant or herbal extracts, without the addition of excipients…

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Capsules production


Our production - your brand! You can sell our advanced nutritional supplements like your own. But we are also open to your own recipe and ingredients.

Professional approach

We offer top customer service and experience that will guarantee your satisfaction. We meet the needs of small, medium and large companies.

Stocks ready

Many of our products are available from our stock immediately.


We have a wide range of herbal and nutritional supplements. We offer various types of packaging materials, but we can also supply the raw material itself without packaging material.

We prefer nature

All raw materials that we use for production are GMO free, so they do not contain any of the components of GMO (genetically modified organisms). We can adapt to the needs of vegetarians, vegans, customers with gluten-free and lactose-free diets.

Willingness for help

We will prepare a free quote quickly, carefully, confidentially and competitively. You will surely appreciate our flexibility with minimal withdrawals and prices.